These benefits include ALL 5 Solace Core Benefits PLUS: 


In the event of a sudden unexpected and specific event which ​occurs at an identifiable time and place, resulting in injury, your employees will benefit from up to R60 000 

On a resulting death, the employee's beneficiary will be paid up to R60 000.

If a permanent disability is diagnosed, pay-out will be calculated based on the extremity of such disability. 

The following complimentary cash back benefits are made available to your employees. These benefits may only be claimed against the accident claimed upon. All benefits are to be paid in full by the employee and upon claim, your employee shall be reimbursed.


  • Hospital Cash back -  R1000 per day up to 7 consecutive days.

  • Emergency transportation and rescue up to R25 000.

  • Childcare at R200 per day with a maximum of R10 000 per occurence.

  • Permanent Disability - Mobility benefits to pay for wheelchairs, crutches etc. up to R20 000.

  • Life support equipment up to R70 000.

  • Body repatriation up to R20 000.

  • A temporary driver up to R25 000.

  • Additional trauma counselling up to R25 000.

  • Home nursing at R1000 per day up to 7 consecutive days .

  • HIV ARV benefit.

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