Benefits for your employees, their spouse and children under the age of 18


Our financial wellness consultants assist in educating your employees with budgeting and financial guidance. Through income and expenditure analysis, our consultants will help your employees understand how to become financially fit. 

Debt review, otherwise known as debt counselling, is a debt solution targeted at South African consumers who are over indebted and struggling to manage their finances.  Debt review is the process whereby a debt counsellor assesses a client's outstanding debt and implements a restructured debt repayment plan. Debt counsellors provides for employees to be able to meet their monthly expense needs while having the affordability to pay off their debt. All of our debt counsellors are registered under the National Credit Regulator Authority of South Africa.


Using either a USSD panic button set up on your mobile phone or by making use of the Solace App, you will have access to 24 hour emergency services. 

R10 000 in private ambulance cover serviced by ER24 as well as a R10 000 trauma counselling benefit for you and your family.

The trauma assist benefit will also provide you with medical advice and referral services.


Our qualified attorneys are available around the clock to provide you with legal advice on any topic with the exception of labour matters.

Some examples of our servicing categories include: 

  • Unlawful Arrests.

  • Landlord and tenant disputes.

  • Car accidents and 3rd party claims. 

  • Drafting of standard documents including wills and letters of demand.

  • Matters of assault or abuse. 

  • Poor service delivery disputes.

  • Understanding the consumer protection act.


 and much more....


Our qualified tax consultants will assist your employees with understanding South African personal income tax laws.

Our consultants will also assist your employees in ensuring that their tax returns are submitted on an annual basis. 

We are able to complete the tax submission process via e-filing on your employees behalf for a small additional fee.

We also assist your employees with attaining any supporting documents requested through the audit process.

Our tax consultants work hand in hand with our financial wellness consultants in educating your employees on best practice.


Solace employee benefits ensures that your employees know how to make use of all of their benefits as regularly as possible by offering an intensive induction. At our induction, we introduce your employees to our legal, tax and financial wellness managers. We offer Q&A sessions in a very confidential environment.

In addition, we offer quarterly seminars to your employees on any legal, tax or financial wellness related topic.

We also continue to provide your employees with educational material on a quarterly basis. 

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