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Don’t find yourself scrambling for a last minute solution with your company policies:

Employment contracts, in particular, should be drafted and signed with much care and consideration. According to Darren Sheer executive manager at Solace Benefits, the basic conditions of employment act, in section 29, requires each and every employee to, at least, be presented with their particulars of employment in writing no later than their first day of work. This is critically important because, without it, an employee may not be clear about their working hours, salary or workplace benefits. Starting a new job is nerve wrecking as it is and a new employee does not need the extra stress of not being sure of their contract and rights at work. Additionally, if the employer refuses to adhere to the terms and conditions of the employee contract, the employee can challenge the company for breach of contract. This is a disaster that no one wants to face – emphasising how having all your contracts and policies intact is crucial.

Having in an in-house human resources department or employing a HR consulting service, such as Solace Benefits, gives you peace of mind that if problems do arise, there is a plan in place. It also acts as a fresh pair of eyes for any and all contract-related disputes. If a mistake is written into a contract and the contract is officially signed, the company is responsible for sticking to their side of the contract – even if it is a mistake, such as an extra 0 at the end of the employee’s salary.

Solace Benefits have many services to offer and by hiring us as your HR consulatnat, these services become more affordable for you. If you are looking to build a prevention strategy for your human resources department, contact Solace Benefits on 0860 765 223

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