• Darren Sheer

Why caring about your employees is benefiting your business

Last year, a study conducted by Mental Health America and The Faas foundation, revealed that 71 per cent of employees were unhappy with their jobs and thinking about finding a new job with better employee benefits, a happier work environment and more understanding managers.

Feeling like a number at work can often lead to depression, more mistakes and overall poor performance amongst employees. These conditions are not ideal and in order to avoid them; employers need to ensure they have policies in place to reassure individuals within the company.

Employees who feel cared about and valued within the workplace are more likely to produce better results and be more productive. It is important for a manager to be respected and to set boundaries between personal and business life however, refusing to foster any personal connection with employees can also be a disadvantage. So, what can employees do to create this environment without having to cross boundaries between manager and friend?

Solace Benefits are able to care about the problems your staff face for you, providing answers which help you deal with every situation effectively. Taking into consideration the many different scenarios your employees can find themselves in, be it an accident on the way to work, an unexpected death of a family member or long going financial issues, Solace Benefits has the experts to advise you and your employees.

Solace Benefits offers legal advice, financial assistance and even accidental death and disability benefits as well as a unique selection of workplace benefits which are designed to reassure employees in a time of crisis. Solace Benefits also provides employers with the opportunity to custom create their own benefits packages. This reassures employers that their employees are taken care of so that they can go back to running their business the best way they know how.

Contact us and take the first step in benefiting your business by providing benefits for your employees.

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